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K-metronome 1.5

K-metronome 1.5

K-metronome Publisher's Description

K-metronome is a feature-rich metronome with rhythm generator and tuner.

Tempos and Rhythms are fully customizable--including Polyrhythms!
The Tuning Pitch can be chosen from a wide range on an equally tempered scale,
or to any desired frequency, entered in Hertz.

Instead of simply a beat count, K-metronome is time signature and bar oriented.
So for instance, if you are using a 4/4 rhythm and want to stop emphasizing
the downbeat, you change the 'Distinctive downbeat' setting.  With most electronic
and other Pocket PC metronomes, you would change from 4 beats to 0 beats!?!

Product Description & Features

K-metronome offers the user full control of the soundable "clicks"--Each
individual bar beat or beat subdivision.  Any "click" can be a "tick", "tock", or
silence, and may be accented--thus allowing all sorts of rhythmic patterns.

Metronome and Tuner:

  • Highly precise beat timing & tuner pitch--A 'fundamental' requirement.
  • Extremely wide customizable and standard ranges--No compromises.
Measure emphasis:
  • Accented downbeats of real measures--not just by a single beat count.
  • Or unaccented downbeats--like a classic metronome.
Rhythms and Polyrhythms:
  • Quick selection of dozens of common rhythms and polyrhythms.
  • Or manually define almost any rhythm or 2-rhythm polyrhythm.
  • Rhythms can be several bars long--Define an entire phrase.
Beat splitting:
  • Any measure can be subdivided--Up to 8 clicks per beat.
  • Select duplets, triplets, quadruplets... Up to septuplets.
  • Adjustable per individual measure--Useful for time-changing phrases.
  • One-button subdividing of bars of a phrase to create regular divisions.
More features:
  • Tap-in the tempo--Not sure of the BPM?  Just tap to the beat to set it.
  • Feel-in menu--Easily set the proper feel of a bar. eg. 2+2+3
  • Click and/or flash--Can also flash the LED if it exists.
  • Remembers your settings--No need to fear terminating the program.
Compatible with devices running:
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC (2005)
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Pocket PC 2000

Easy to use:

  • Designed for musicians, not just those used to drum machines.
        No need for a calculator for polyrhythms, subdivisions and time changes.
  • Can be operated with one hand using jog-dial or directional buttons.
        No need to put down your instrument or pick-up the stylus.
  • Large, finger-usable buttons for commonly used features.
        One-tap access to features such as tuner pitch and saved rates.
  • Large, easily readable tempo display.
        Change the tempo with one hand at arms length.
Practice made perfect:
  • Supports a wide range of beats per bar, and 'Feel-in' settings.
        Perfect for those sometimes tough Odd time signatures.
  • Cuts through the music with Loud & Crisp Wood block and Cowbell beats.
        And you can use earphones in very loud environments.
  • Tuning Pitch can be set to most any note.
        Perfect for ear training.

Tempo selection & range:

  • Standard range: 40 to 208 with familiar 39 steps.
  • Extended range: 30 to 250 with full 221 steps.
  • X2 and X3 options for up to 750 beats per minute.
  • Num-pad: M.M. = 30 to 750 with full 721 possible values.
  • With subdividing, can yield 2000 clicks per minute.
Tuner selection & range:
  • Tuning Note range: 7+ Octaves--All semitones from A0 to A7.
  • Num-pad: 20Hz to 5kHz with full 4981 possible values.
  • Pitch calibration in 1-cycle steps--A4 from 411Hz to 455Hz.
Rhythm & Measure capability:
  • Includes rhythm figures from duplets to septuplets.
  • Customizable per bar--allowing complex rhythmic patterns.
  • Customizable phrases up to 8 bars with changeable time.
  • Polyrhythm support via 2 customizable simultaneous rhythms.
  • Independently enabled accenting.
  • 1 to 20 beats per measure. (Time signature numerator.)
  • Subdivide bar beats by up to x8--Up to 160 clicks per bar.
Volume control:
  • Optionally independent from system volume.
  • Fine-grained 32 levels from silent to full volume.
  • Per-rhythm loudness level switch.
System requirements:
  • A mobile device running one of these operating systems:
    • Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC (2005)
    • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition
    • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003
    • Pocket PC 2002
    • Pocket PC 2000
  • 1MB of free memory before installing.

Copyright © 2004 - 2006 KOOK pocket software -- All rights reserved.

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